Beautiful. Balanced. Healthy. Strong.

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 Beautiful. Balanced. Healthy. Strong.

I transform environments and share tools and to help you reach your potential and exceed your limitations. 

Interior Design.  Home Editing.  Young Living Essential Oils.  Usana Supplements. 

I help smart, savvy women create the environment they need to thrive, inside and out.  Let’s get started. Call me at 804.651.1981.

home editing & interior design

home editing

Does everything in your home bring you joy? If not, you might need to “edit” your space! We have a crazy amount of stuff that we don’t use or even like! And, we often have things we love that are buried. Editing your home can be daunting, but so liberating! Whether you’re optimizing, moving, staging for a move, downsizing, preparing for an event or simply tired of all the “stuff,” I’d love to help you create a space that energizes you and makes you happy.

design services

I have been designing since I was a little girl, sitting on my living room floor making block zoos for my plastic animals and big houses with legos. It’s just who I am. I love color, texture, statement pieces and good function.  I love to repurpose and reorganize, layering pieces from the past with fresh design to create something new, beautiful and useful. How do you want your space to look and feel? I can help.

workroom services

I am the workroom. Beyond the initial design, there are a million decisions to make in the workroom. I am in control of the tiniest of details, making sure you get the biggest bang for your buck. Do you know exactly what you want, but need someone to create it for you? I can sew your designs into reality. My work has been featured in Traditional Home Magazine, Home and Design Magazine and RHome. 

green design

Every little decision builds upon the next. It all matters : the non-toxic paint you buy, the organic food you eat, the sustainable carpet you walk on, the family you support by buying products that support livable wages. It’s hard to keep a home safe and healthy. I diligently try to choose products that are responsibly sourced, safe and a good investment for you and your family. 

usana vitamins


USANA’s InCelligence Technology unlocks the code for personalized optimal health. InCelligence taps into your innate cellular intelligence to unleash the incredible possibilities locked inside your cells. It harnesses the power of cellular communication, allowing it to join the conversations your cells are having. InCelligence sends messages that activate your cells’ natural protective and renewal abilities. That’s how InCelligence empowers your body to meet your unique health needs, unlocking your unparalleled ability to personalize vibrant health from within.


USANA and science – they were made for each other. Scientific research is at the heart of every USANA product. That’s why they have a team of in-house experts and scientists and on-site laboratories. To stay on the cutting edge, they also partner with renowned research institutions and nutritional experts who consult with their Scientific Advisory Council – a group of independent healthcare professionals dedicated to ensuring USANA creates the best products possible. USANA is fully committed to the research and development of cutting-edge nutritional technology.

Pharmaceutical grade supplements

USANA manufactures more than 90% of their products in their own manufacturing facilities so they can control the entire process, from raw ingredient to finish supplements. In addition to their own high standards in manufacturing, USANA uses third party inspection. They are certified to be in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements, Dietary Supplements by NSF International and is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 


Athletes are always breaking records and pushing boundaries. They work hard. The train hard. They eat, sleep and drink to win. Proper nutrition is vital, so it’s no wonder more than 1000 world-class athletes – including the United States Ski and Snowboarding Association and the Women’s Tennis Association – rely on to USANA supplements to keep them in top shape. They know the safety and quality of each of USANA product is guaranteed. Can any other supplement company say the same? Didn’t think so. If Olympians trust you USANA, so can you!

Check out this quick video on InCelligence

Cell signaling unlocked!  InCelligence helps nourish, protect and renew YOU at the cellular level. The body is created to heal when it’s given the right environment. Are you ready to feel good again?

What are you waiting for? Give your body the tools it needs to support you with the health you want. USANA is here to help you.

Here's a closer look at InCelligence

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain. How does InCelligence actually work? Here’s a more in depth look at how InCelligence speaks your cells’ language by targeting cell signaling pathways. This is worth watching!

young living essential oils


Essential oils can affect the Digestive, Immune, Hormonal, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Emotional, Glandular and Nervous systems. Because of their ability to penetrate through your skin, they can affect every cell of the human body within 20 minutes.


Essential oils are powerful antioxidants, creating an uncomfortable environment for free-radicals. Essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-infectious, anti-cancerous, anti-tumoral, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and antiseptic.

seed to seal promise

Carefully selected seeds, responsibly grown and harvested crops, low-pressure distillation and cold pressing techniques, self and third part stringent testing all work together to ensure the highest quality essential oils available on the market today. 

Paying it forward

You’ll find YL purchasing brick-making equipment to help rebuild Nepal, sending relief teams and supplies to earthquake devastated Ecuador, building schools, partnering with orphanages, sending medical supplies and meeting practical needs, like shoes. 

SIGN UP NOW and begin using these amazing, healing oils! Of course, you can order from Young Living Essential Oils as a retail customer if that’s what you want. Why not join as a member and get 24% off the retail price? When you click and order the Premium Starter Kit, I’ll send you a essential oil reference guide. You’re going to love it!




What are people saying?

Real words from real customers!
  • Thank you Donna Hazzard for your wonderful gift of Home Editing. My home is clutter free and I love everything in it! If you are tired of your space and need a fresh lift, this is the person to have on your speed dial.
    Teri R.JSRCC class scheduler
  • I am really enjoying the energy session. I've been feeling better/happier than I felt in a while. I'm finding that I have more courage to work towards goals I set for myself. It's hard to explain, but I'm feeling very happy – happier than I've been in a long time. I want to thank you for that because I think your time, caring and positive energy is helping I will definitely share my experiences with others.
    June P.educator
  • Donna, I love what you've done. I think the quality of your work is exquisite. I am amazed with your talents! Your vision! You picked out fabrics and help me with decisions which I would have struggled. Your seaming is beautiful where it is evident, and seamless where it needs to be seamless. The fabric patterns are perfectly matched at the seam. The window treatments "finish" my rooms, add a softness and pops of color. They add dimension. Yes, I would recommend you to my friends. In fact I have a friend who's building a home a few miles away she was very impressed with your work here and I've shared your information with her. Thanks again for all your help!
    Nancy B. consultant


I’m here to help. Do you need design help for your home? Energy healing for you or your child? Essential oils and supplements for your health? Let’s talk.

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