Healing & Diffusing Essential Oils

Can essential oils be used for healing? You bet. Apply them topically or simply diffuse them in your home. They affect both health and mood. What are they exactly? Essential oils are extracted from a plant’s natural, living energy and distilled. The distillation concentrates the oil and removes unneeded excesses or waste. The purer the oil=the…

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Robins and Holly Berries


Have you ever watched a group of robins clean a holly tree? It’s amazing. The holly berries just outside our bedroom window ripened last week. A group of robins start picking berries from the top of the tree. Over the course of a week, they’ve eaten their way down the tree. We first noticed this…

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What to pray when you’re all prayed out


Have you ever known that you needed to pray, but you’re either all prayed out or you don’t even know where to start? I’ve been there. Raising kids is not for the faint of heart and my kids have definitely giving me a run for my money. They are awesome kids, but hard at times.…

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There’s good hungry and bad hungry. My mom passed away last week and our family trekked down to Atlanta to bury her next to my dad. She was an amazing woman. She was the most amazing, humble, godly, beautiful lady I have ever known. I grew up with images of her with curlers in her hair…

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changing gears

I’m changing gears. I’ve been struggling to figure out what exactly it is I’m supposed to do “when I grow up.” I’ve been a designer workroom and installer. I garden. I paint. I cook. I’m fairly knowledgeable about health and nutrition. I’ve owned and operated an e-commerce site. I’m a mom to five wonderful (not perfect,…

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Wheatgrass in winter window gardens

Are you ready to grow a winter window garden and enjoy fresh herbs and lettuce during these cold months? Are you still looking for a healthy, DIY Christmas present? Winter window gardens are perfect gifts for anyone with a sunny window. I love walking to the lettuce box and picking a few leaves to put on sandwiches for…

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Do you know about the Autoimmune Summit 2014?

Encore Day Autoimmune Summit 2014

Do you know about the Autoimmune Summit 2014 hosted by Dr. Amy Myers? I just found out about it myself! Autoimmune problems are wreaking havoc in our bodies. The Autoimmune Summit is a online event featuring various experts (total of 38 discussions!) showing you how to prevent and/or reverse autoimmune diseases. TODAY IS THE LAST…

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Successful gardening

Fall is quickly approaching and your summer crops are winding down. Did you garden successfully this year? How do you measure successful gardening? I had some crops that were a bust, some did well, others fruited abundantly. Ecclesiastes 11:5-6 Just as you don’t know the path of the wind,or how bones develop in the womb of…

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Cilantro Seeds and Coriander

Did you know that cilantro seeds are coriander? Coriander is a spice used in many savory dishes. I bought ground coriander for years before I found out that it was just cilantro seeds. Now I grow it myself. Cilantro is one of the easiest herbs to grow, in my opinion. It has a very bold,…

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Organized Dirt

Despite what you may think or what you’ve been told, organization is a basic part of you. In my opinion, organization brings freedom and peace. When things are beautifully in order, you can breathe deeply. It’s lovely and beautiful and relaxing. Why is it so hard to keep things organized? There is a natural tendency…

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