Yummiest Easter Lamb recipe

Happy Easter, sweet friends! Easter is just a few days away. I’m sure many of you are having fun, family dinners this Sunday to celebrate. If you’re going traditional and want to serve lamb, I have a non-traditional recipe that will make your mouth water. My husband swore for years that he didn’t like lamb. He…

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How do I start a garden?

How do you start a garden? It’s more simple than you think. There are a zillion ways to do it. In my opinion, you don’t need a lot of heavy equipment. You don’t even need a tiller. The only equipment you need is a shovel, a hoe, and preferably a wheelbarrow. (If you don’t have…

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Is my skincare toxic?

Is my skincare toxic? Wow, that’s a scary question! Skincare is supposed to help you look and feel beautiful, not poison you. “They” wouldn’t put something harmful in my skincare, right? “They” aren’t allowed to do that. “They” made federal regulations to protect us. Right? Wrong. It’s sad to say, put it’s all about the…

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What two things must you do in order to get well?

What two things must you do in order to get well? Eat right? Exercise? Those things are good, but there’s something more foundational than that. In order to seriously get well again, you have to… Believe that it’s possible for you to be healthy. Believe that it’s worth your time, energy, resources and money (yes,…

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Why am I sick? How can I get better?

Disease tree

Are you sick? There’s a reason. People tend to look at a disease as the problem. We try to control the symptoms of the problem. If we control the symptoms, we think we have controlled the disease. However, the disease is not what’s really wrong with you. There’s a reason for the disease. Something is…

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Eat Pray Thrive 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 4.45.48 PM

Several people have asked me how I started to change my diet while facing several health issues. I think the bigger question is why I started to change my diet. I was sick. I was exhausted, had foggy brain (simple couldn’t think straight), I hurt, had intestinal issues despite being religiously gluten free, had a breathing…

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What are your strengths?

Crab Tree Falls Hike 2013

God knows your strengths. He designed them. He is the great Designer, perfectly fitting gifts, strengths, abilities and talents to each person. They are so perfectly designed for you, specifically for you, that if you fully understood what each of them fully meant, if you could tap into what each has the potential to fulfill…

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Operating within your gifts

Your unique gifts and abilities are a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Any gift or ability that you have is God Himself Divine showing Himself in your life. He has given you these gifts so that you can produce what is good.  You have an identity in Christ–nothing can alter that. You don’t earn it.…

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Show Me Your Ways

What’s the difference between knowing about something and really knowing something? Intimacy. Full understanding. Saturation. Replication. Soaking. Empathy. In all things worth knowing, we need to dig beneath the surface knowledge. We need to pull it apart. Understand it. Invest ourselves in it. And then share it. I can see the things God does. Does that…

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5 to thrive: lessons from the aspen root system

There are life lessons all around us, if we take the time to look. Let’s take a look at the aspen tree’s root system. Here are 5 things you need to know to thrive: 1. You are not alone. Unlike an oak tree that drops an acorn and grows a new tree, aspens sprout along…

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